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The special spectrum of HYPOGEN SKIN CARE in concrete terms

The medical care of HYPOGEN CARE® has the goal that people with sensitive skin - especially allergy sufferers - can feel completely comfortable in their skin. In addition to mild, natural care for sensitive skin, HYPOGEN CARE has®Care therefore has a special spectrum of action:

  1. HYPOGEN CARE® alleviates existing allergies and minimizes allergy risks already preventively.
  2. HYPOGEN CARE® is medical care, brings protection and regeneration to the skin without disadvantages thanks to the biomimetic mechanisms of action modeled on nature.

HYPOGEN SKIN CARE products: absolutely non-irritating & hypoallergenic, restorative, protective & regenerating!


Completely without chemical or pharmaceutical "clubs

The biomimetic principle

HYPOGEN CARE® products are based on the principle of biomimetics. The science of biomimetics deals with analyzing and emulating mechanisms of action found in nature. HYPOGEN CARE® applies these types of mechanisms of action to develop medical skin care products.® The biomimetic approach of HYPOGEN CARE®  products imitates the skin's own protective and regenerative mechanisms and supports the skin exactly the way it would naturally support itself.

How HYPOGEN CARE works® biomimetic against (allergenic) pathogens?

If an allergen or other pathogen manages to penetrate the skin, the immune system is activated. The special feature of allergens is that they are actually harmless to the human body, but are nevertheless addressed by the immune system of an allergy sufferer as pseudo-pathogens.

Activation of the immune system triggers a chain reaction:

  1. The blood vessels dilate so that antibodies can reach the site of invasion more quickly. These antibodies dock onto the pathogen - in the case of allergies, onto the allergen - and thus increase its spatial area. Furthermore, these antibodies now "stick" several pathogens together to form clusters. Such a cluster has a significantly larger spatial area than individual pathogens (packing parameters), so that these clusters are now recognized by the scavenger cells of the body's own immune system on the basis of size. The pathogens are subsequently broken down and inactivated by the body's own phagocytes.
    This inactive substance is then excreted via the lymph or even as pus via the skin. For this purpose, the own body is also animated to injure itself:
  2. With the first activation of the immune system, messenger substances of the nervous system already cause itching at the site of the skin where pathogens enter. The human reaction to this is to scratch right there. Scratching serves, on the one hand, to physically remove disturbances on the skin surface. On the other hand, the micro-injuries to the skin resulting from scratching ensure the escape and removal of pathogens. Negative consequence of the micro-injuries: Pustules or even eczema often develop as a result.

It is precisely this defense mechanism that the biomimetic principle of HYPOGEN CARE acts upon.®  one.

The effect of HYPOGEN CARE® 

HYPOGEN CARE® works against this by

  • protects preventively and prevents the penetration of (allergenic) pathogens into the skin and
  • in cases of immune systems already activated by invading pathogens, regenerates, i.e. rebuilds and strengthens the protective barrier of the skin.

Preventive protection

Through a regular application of HYPOGEN CARE®  penetration of (allergenic) pathogens or allergens is usually avoided: HYPOGEN condenses the cell membrane complex of the skin in a nature-identical way. The active ingredient complex according to the sublevactum formula builds up a protective film on the skin for at least 24 hours. The skin thus becomes virtually impenetrable to pathogens. This is the principle of allergy-minimized medical care - chemical or pharmaceutical "clubs" can also be dispensed with.

The protective film according to the sublevactum formula not only prevents the penetration of pathogens, it also reduces them: the active ingredients used according to the sublevactum formula are valued in wound healing for their antimicrobial properties, i.e. their action against pathogens.

HYPOGEN CARE®  Care, which also has the LLS system use, by the way, compact the cell membrane complex of the skin even more. The combination of curavitum formula and LLS system makes pathogen penetration into the skin almost completely difficult.

HYPOGEN CARE® subsequently protects in particular with Allergies from actually unjustified skin reactions of the immune system by keeping the skin irritation-free. Allergens are per se harmless to the human body, it is only the defensive reaction triggered in allergy sufferers that makes them a problem.


In the case of pathogens that have penetrated the skin as a result of a disturbed protective barrier, HYPOGEN CARE® Nurture them nature-identical again, activates and strengthens them as described. The sublevactum and also LLS principles of action allow the body to retract the activation of the immune system. The scratching of the skin is thus reduced when HYPOGEN CARE is used.®  care is quickly noticeably inhibited - which is due to the anti-itching properties of HYPOGEN CARE®  products is additionally promoted. To this end, HYPOGEN CARE encourages®  The internal slagging, i.e. the removal of the inactive pathogen components decomposed by the body's own scavenger cells via the lymph and the vascular system.

Biomimetics: Perfection from nature!

A permanent application of HYPOGEN CARE®  has only positive and no negative consequences, as the natural structure of the skin is maintained: Even a permanent application of HYPOGEN CARE.® does not trigger asymmetric adaptation processes of the skin like conventional care, does not bring the skin out of its balance existing in many dimensions.

HYPOGEN CARE®  medical care has a biomimetic effect, i.e. identically mimics the mechanisms of the skin. Also, the permanent application promotes the balance of the skin provided by nature: stratum corneum and microbiome of the skin are not shifted in their natural balance - this is rather strengthened.

An important consequence is that with HYPOGEN CARE®  there is no danger of using one of the products by itself or these in combination too frequently or overdosed. On the contrary, regular use enhances the positive effects of each HYPOGEN CARE® product, causes positive long-term effects.