The positive long-term effect

We promise a positive long-term effect if HYPOGEN HAIR CARE and SKIN CARE are used regularly. But what do these long-term effects actually look like in detail? We'll reveal that in this blog post:

The effects of HYPOGEN CARE®

The following effects can be expected with daily use as part of a personal care routine :

Hair care - thicker hair:

Through a regular application of HYPOGEN CARE® Care shampoo or HYPOGEN CARE® Cleansing shampoo in combination with HYPOGEN CARE® Keratin Instant Care is - due to the sublevactum formula - the cell membrane complex of the hair is compacted. This densification causes a noticeable increase in hair diameter with continuous use over time. The hair becomes more voluminous and dense, it also gets significantly more shine. In particular, hair transparency can be noticeably balanced here.

Hair care - healthier hair:

The daily continuous use of HYPOGEN CARE® Hair care oil regenerates hair with a degree of damage 2 - 3 to a degree of damage 0. This is unique to the HYPOGEN CARE®  specific purely natural, biomimetic mode of action.

Such a continuous application - especially for the shiny care of the hair ends in long hair - also does not lead to any weighting of the hair: the hair care oil is like all HYPOGEN CARE® Products completely free of weighing down silicone and microplastics.

Healthier hair and scalp with HYPOGEN HAIR CARE

Skin care - younger skin:

Regular use of HYPOGEN SKIN CARE is not only a guarantee of efficient prevention of allergies and skin irritations, but also of their general avoidance.

Continuous use actually keeps the skin younger.

Regular use of HYPOGEN SKIN CARE nourishes the skin by the LLS system for example from HYPOGEN CARE® Care cream LLS with a nature-identical multi-lamellar structure. Based on this, the sublevactum formula of this product densifies the cell membrane complex of the skin. This allows the skin to naturally bind more water in its cell membrane complex. Water, i.e. moisture binding in the skin is the natural origin of Moisture Balance and thus of a young skin appearance.

With daily use of HYPOGEN CARE® Care cream LLS over 30 days, the skin cared for in this way can store up to 32% more water than conventionally cared for skin. An effect that makes the skin visibly smoother and younger.

As you can see, the long-term use of the HYPOGEN CARE® products quite worthwhile. What are you waiting for? Discover now the Hair and skin favorites in the online store.