The sublevactum formula


The HYPOGEN CARE® sublevactum formula uses biopolymers as a restorative and regenerating film that protects the skin and hair from harmful environmental influences.

The mode of action of the sublevactum formula 


With the help of the special biomimetic biopolymer complex, the HYPOGEN CARE® products with the help of a film formation on the skin modeled on nature. This microfilm protects against UV radiation, chemical influences and also friction. Thus, the gentle skin remains intact, so that you can fully concentrate on development and growth. In combination with HYPOGEN CARE® products according to the LLS system, the risk of skin irritation and sensitization with regard to allergies is noticeably minimized.


The sublevactum formula, with the help of special biopolymers, thickens the lipid layer of the horny layer and stimulates its lipids so that they align themselves optimally. HYPOGEN CARE® thereby builds up the skin and makes it much more resistant.

Passive regeneration:

Due to the special biopolymer complex of the formula HYPOGEN CARE promotes® the self-healing process of the skin. The biopolymer complex forms an imperceptible microfilm on the skin and hair. This protects the skin from the sun as well as chemical and physical influences of the environment highly efficiently. This protection against further irritation allows irritated skin to regenerate undisturbed, i.e. significantly faster via the body's own self-healing process.

Normal lipid layer without skin irritation
Diagram - Normal lipid layer without skin irritation
Lipid layer of the skin compacted by sublevactum formula
Diagram - Lipid layer of the skin compacted by sublevactum formula.

Scanning electron micrographs - microfilm on skin:

Scaly layer without microfilm
Scaly layer without microfilm.
Scale layer with sublevactum microfilm
Scale layer with sublevactum microfilm.

The above description of the sublevactum formula in relation to the skin can therefore be applied to the hair. The modes of action of the formula in HYPOGEN HAIR CARE, i.e. with regard to the hair are thus as follows:

The cell membrane complex of the hair is at the heart of all hair cosmetics:

  • To prevent damage, the cell membrane complex of the hair must be strengthened (stabilization).
  • In the event of damage, the aim is to rebuild the hair as quickly as possible via its cell membrane complex (regeneration).
  • Via the sublevactum formula, HYPOGEN HAIR CARE stabilizes and regenerates the cell membrane complex of the hair.

More information on the sublevactum formula will be available in the Research and Technology from HYPOGEN CARE® described. The skin and hair obtain a particularly high resistance when a the protective, restorative and passively as well as actively regenerating effects of the formula are combined with the LLS system. This happens in different HYPOGEN CARE® products such as the Makeup remover oil.