The LLS system

A great peculiarity of HYPOGEN SKIN and HAIR CARE products is the LLS system, which uses biomimetic lamellar technology. Thanks to this technology, HYPOGEN CARE care products can be® build up and actively regenerate the natural protective layer of the skin and hair.

Lamellar technology: The mode of action of the LLS system

The LLS system and its mode of action in HYPOGEN SKIN CARE.


Sensitized and especially allergized skin is in an unstable state and is more susceptible than average to environmental influences.

Skin care according to the LLS system is based on a special lamellar base: the cell membrane complex of the skin stabilizes as the lamellar base inserts itself into the cell membrane complex as a further, skin-identical component. This reinforcement gives the horny layer(stratum corneum) of the skin a very high resistance. The LLS system thus establishes a highly efficient and completely irritation-free barrier.


HYPOGEN's LLS Lamellar Technology biomimetically replicates the skin's lipid layer - in other words, it mimics nature. If the horny layer of irritated skin has a lipid layer that is below average, the LLS system replenishes it to an optimal state. In the case of everyday skin irritations, the lipid layer of the stratum corneum is almost completely rebuilt just a few minutes after application.

Lamellar LLS cream structure

Active regeneration:

Sensitized and especially allergized skin is much more susceptible to irritation and damage due to damage to the stratum corneum. Chemical and physical damage to the lipid layer thus occurs more quickly because the lipid layer is not sufficiently compacted as a result and thus no longer fully protects the lipid layer from abrasion. Active regeneration of the lipid layer therefore plays an important role in the ideal development and constitution of the skin. It stabilizes the generally unstable stratum corneum of the skin.

The LLS system closes gaps in the lipid layer of irritated or damaged skin. In the process, the lipid layer optimally aligns itself lamellar. With regular use, an ideal condition of the lipid layer is maintained almost constantly, so that the hair can develop undisturbed by multiple environmental influences.

Labile lipid layer with skin irritation
Diagram - Labile lipid layer with skin irritation
Lipid layer of the skin regenerated by LLS system
Diagram - Lipid layer of the skin regenerated by LLS system.

The above illustrations of the LLS system with regard to the skin can therefore be transferred to the hair.

The mode of action of the LLS system in HYPOGEN HAIR CARE

The cell membrane complex of the hair is at the heart of all hair cosmetics:

  • To prevent damage, the cell membrane complex of the hair must be strengthened (stabilization).
  • In the event of damage, the aim is to rebuild the hair as quickly as possible via its cell membrane complex (regeneration).
  • Through the LLS system, HYPOGEN HAIR CARE regenerates and stabilizes the cell membrane complex of the hair.

More information about the LLS system will be available in the Research and Technology from HYPOGEN CARE® described. The skin and hair obtain a particularly high resistance when a the protective, restorative and passively as well as actively regenerating effects of the LLS system and the sublevactum formula are combined. This happens in different HYPOGEN CARE® products such as the Makeup remover oil.