Gentle care and regeneration chitosan almondate

At the core of the sublevactum formula as well as the LLS system are chitosan-based biopolymer complexes, so-called chitosan complexes.

The ingredient chitosan has long been known for its antiseptic and regenerating effect on the skin.

However, as chitosan is not complexed, i.e. not incorporated into an active ingredient complex, it is difficult for the skin to absorb. When applied, it does not become a biomimetic component of the cell membrane complex of the skin or hair.

However, in complexed form, i.e. incorporated into an active ingredient complex, it can be made available to skin and hair, becoming such a part of their natural protective barrier. Via this route, the ingredient chitosan can thus regenerate, build up and even protect skin and hair from damage.

Through the LLS system, these chitosan complexes in the ingredients are also integrated into the cell membrane complex of the skin in a structurally identical manner. LLS system as well as chitosan-based sublevactum formula are thus in synergy an ideal biomimetic helper for a naturally healthy, resistant skin.

The product included in the HYPOGEN CARE® ingredients used is chitosan-mandelate, i.e. a complex of chitosan and mandelic acid. The biopolymer combines the properties of chitosan and mandelic acid and potentiates them in an excellent, skin- and hair-friendly way.

The properties of chitosan almondate are similar to those of the conventionally used chitosan salicylate: it also has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and skin-smoothing properties. Chitosan almondate is many times gentler on skin and hair than chitosan salicylate. Even high active ingredient concentrations of chitosan almondate are completely harmless to the skin.

Compared to chitosan salicylate, chitosan almondate still has a considerable added value: It stimulates the cell division of the skin(dermis) and thus has a special value with regard to the regeneration of the skin. This is especially true for the regeneration of high levels of damage, as is the case with skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis or neurodermatitis.

Valuable care with HYPOGEN CARE® Organic MCT

Medical cosmetics from HYPOGEN CARE® use organic MCT oil, which is obtained from the ingredients palm and coconut oil under ecological, sustainable aspects.

From the variety of known active ingredients that nourish and protect the skin and hair, MCT oil by far best covers the needs of sensitive or allergic skin and damaged hair.

HYPOGEN CARE® learns from nature. By breaking down the natural modes of action of the cell membrane complexes of skin and hair, you can incorporate these insights into the HYPOGEN CARE® Implementing innovations: The cell membrane complex of an allergy sufferer is locally much more permeable in the case of skin irritations, and the hair is usually much drier. The organic MCT oil in HYPOGEN CARE® is nature-identical to the cell membrane complex of skin and hair. How to stabilize HYPOGEN CARE® Products the skin and hair and make them more resistant to environmental influences.

The HYPOGEN CARE® Bio-MCT is a neutral oil - it

  • is absolutely irritation-free,
  • is easy to apply,
  • absorbs quickly and
  • prevents excessive regreasing.

After the application of HYPOGEN CARE®  you feel no difference from the normal hydro-lipid coat of skin and hair. As a result, there is no foreign body feeling, you immediately feel good.

Even irritated, highly sensitive and also over-cared skin or severely damaged hair quickly regain their natural balance.