Mission statement: Innovation


Mission Statement:
HYPOGEN CARE® - naturally to the best skin and the most beautiful hair of your life.

HYPOGEN CARE® supports the natural self-organization of skin and hair, becomes their nature-identical component. Guarantees healthy skin and beautiful hair.

For problems of skin and hair HYPOGEN CARE fixes or avoids® their cause instead of simply combating the symptoms.

More and more people have problems with sensitized or even allergic skin. An increasing problem that can hit every individual unexpectedly.

Why HYPOGEN CARE exists®?

The skin allergy problem results in follow-up requirements for hair care. Because what generally applies to the skin also applies to the scalp. Every type of hair care has a direct effect on the scalp. Thus, shampoos, conditioners and especially styling are a constant allergy risk.

Proper protection and care of skin and hair are essential for prophylaxis and recovery. To achieve this, disruptive factors affecting the skin must be eliminated as far as possible. The guiding principle for our care and cosmetics is therefore:

  • Supporting the formation and regeneration of skin and hair 
  • The protection of sensitive skin 
  • The preventive prevention of the development of skin allergies
  • Exclude sensitization via the scalp, protect it and regenerate it if necessary (hair care).

What does HYPOGEN CARE® unique?

HYPOGEN CARE medical cosmetics developed with dermatologists® is geared precisely to this. According to our mission statement, HYPOGEN CARE is® medical cosmetics the ideal acute and preventive care for allergy sufferers and the ideal basic care for everyone.

HYPOGEN CARE® creates medically regenerative and prophylactic foundations. Conventional care and cosmetics of any kind, on the other hand, do not do this, and in very many cases are even the cause of the development of sensitization and allergies.

The cosmetic range of services offered by HYPOGEN CARE also includes® goes far beyond that of conventional care and cosmetic products: users' expectations in terms of care and aesthetics are always met, often exceeded.

Medical cosmetics from HYPOGEN CARE® is currently the only one that counteracts allergies and sensitization on a biomimetic biopolymer complex basis, as well as being extremely simplified and thus allergy-conscious in its structure.

The mission statement: Innovation

The medical-cosmetic claim of HYPOGEN CARE® is extremely high: HYPOGEN CARE® stands for naturally healthy hair and skin.

The medical aspect:

If skin and hair are naturally healthy, they are resistant and strong. Allergy risks minimized HYPOGEN CARE® to the greatest possible extent, it alleviates existing allergies in the best possible way.

The cosmetic aspect:

Naturally healthy skin is smooth and supple, retains the skin's own moisture.
Naturally healthy hair has plasticity, which means it is supple, firm and very easy to style. Natural healthy hair has shine and volume.

Essential pillars here are:

  1. The biopolymer complex of the patented sublevactum formula forms a biomimetic protective film that lasts at least 24 hours. This protects against harmful environmental influences, builds up the skin and hair and, if necessary, stimulates self-healing or self-regeneration processes.
  2. Lamellar technology is the foundation of the patented LLS system and also has a biomimetic effect: the cell membrane complex of skin and hair is replicated in a nature-identical way. How medical cosmetics from HYPOGEN CARE are built® replenishes and actively regenerates the natural protective layer of skin and hair.
  3. HYPOGEN CARE® Products are completely non-irritating and hypoallergenic. Allergenic and undesirable substances are not included. HYPOGEN CARE® products use in particular no preservatives, no fragrances, no dyes, no formaldehyde, no EDTA, no essential oils, no repellents, no PEG emulsifiers, no parabens, no kerosenes, no petroleum-based fats and waxes, no petrolatum, no halogen-organic compounds such as propellants, no silicones, no sulfates, no microplastics, no harmful alcohols, no oxidants, no hard quats, no soaps, no aldehydes, no synthetic fats, no substances generally hazardous to water and no genetic engineering.
  4. HYPOGEN CARE® medical cosmetics have a pro-microbiome effect: They support and regenerate the microbiome, i.e. the natural microbial balance of the skin and scalp.

Positive long-term effects

Regular use reinforces the positive effects of each HYPOGEN CARE® product, causes positive long-term effects.

These pillars are responsible for this:

  • With a regular application of HYPOGEN CARE® skin and hair are not only regenerated, built up and protected. sublevactum formula and LLS system particularly promote moisture-binding properties of skin and hair. This systematically counteracts drying of the skin - especially also in the context of skin aging (anti-aging). The skin thus not only remains healthy, it also rejuvenates.
  • Completely non-irritating and hypoallergenic, the HYPOGEN CARE® Products also very often use - they do not weigh down.

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In order to minimize allergy risks as a preventive measure, HYPOGEN CARE® formulations are constantly reviewed and adjusted as necessary. This keeps HYPOGEN CARE® products are always highly compatible and allergy-minimizing despite evolving environmental influences.



HYPOGEN CARE® fulfills the strict PETA requirements, is free from animal testing and is certified by PETA internationally and in Germany Listed. This certified freedom from animal testing means:
HYPOGEN CARE® is completely animal-free.


Environmental protection and sustainability are essential goals of HYPOGEN CARE® Production: It aims to set trendsetting innovation impulses for solutions that are sustainable in all respects and at the same time highly efficient.

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HYPOGEN CARE® products are innovative German quality products - their development and production takes place in Germany.

The claim of manufacturing according to the highest quality standards has many aspects, including the cooperation with reliable partners and the processing of only the highest quality raw materials.