Allergies and clinical pictures


HYPOGEN CARE® alleviates existing allergies and minimizes allergy risks already preventively.

Conventional care does not do this, although it should be a must. As the largest human organ, the skin is our most important protective shield against environmental influences. Due to this, the proper treatment of the skin and the promotion of its development are very important determinants for lifelong (skin) health. Here HYPOGEN CARE helps® as a constant companion in no longer giving sensitizations an allergy-inducing platform.

The skin and also the scalp is often affected by allergies. Triggers of these allergies are especially plant and animal substances from the environment, but also synthetic chemicals as well as personal care products and cosmetics.

Allergies are becoming more frequent

It can be assumed that the prevalence of allergies in Germany is tending to increase across the board and only remains constant in a few areas. Of the adults in Germany (18 years and older), 3.5% suffer from neurodermatitis, 3.5% from urticaria and even 8.1% from contact eczema. These circumstances can prevent the use of hypoallergenic care in this form - both overall and in individual cases.

The scientific status

The Commission for Environmental Medicine at the Robert Koch Institute summarizes in a position paper on the current state of the spread of allergies in view of the documented situation that:

  • In Germany, almost one in three people will experience an allergic disease in the course of their lives, and half of the population is allergically sensitized.
  • Consequently, we must speak of an important, frequent and widespread disease that affects the quality of life of many.
  • Primary prevention of allergies is not in sight.
  • For this reason, especially from the point of view of responsibility towards the young generation, it is necessary to demand that efforts be intensified at all levels (research, care, administration) to understand the "allergy problem in Germany" as a serious problem of our health care system and to take action.

In concrete terms, this allergy problem manifests itself in every individual, and is often existential for those affected by allergies. After all, pollen, house dust or even fine dust, but also animal hair, for example, make life difficult for a great many people.

The solution: HYPOGEN CARE®

This is exactly where the HYPOGEN CARE idea® an: The medical care was developed with dermatologists to solve the allergy problem for each individual: HYPOGEN CARE® Research has developed skin and hair care solutions that alleviate existing allergies, preventively minimize allergy risks and promote the development of the skin as the most important protective organ of the human body. After all, only fully developed and intact skin can fulfill its important function as a protective barrier against (allergenic) pathogens without restriction.

HYPOGEN CARE® is therefore more than just allergy care - HYPOGEN CARE® is therefore medical cosmetics for everyone with comprehensive prophylactic and regenerative effects.

Damaged skin
Diagram - Disturbed protective barrier of the skin, (allergenic) pathogens can penetrate
Intact skin
Diagram - Intact protective barrier of the skin, (allergenic) pathogens are repelled:


HYPOGEN CARE® Products also help with various clinical pictures of the skin:

LLS system

The lamellar technology of the patented LLS system is a biomimetic way to build up and regenerate the cell membrane complex of the skin. Its mode of action ensures maximum efficiency in clinical pictures which are significantly dependent on ideal conditioning of the stratum corneum for relief.

Symptoms for which HYPOGEN CARE® is an immediate responder are:

  • dry skin,
  • flaky skin,
  • Redness,
  • Irritation,
  • Swelling,
  • wheals (also called: nettles, urtica),
  • Erythema,
  • Inflammation,
  • Sunburn,
  • psoriasis (concomitant use; also called: psoriasis) and
  • Neurodermatitis (concomitant use).

Here the cell membrane complex of the horny layer is regenerated and the self-healing process as well as the undisturbed development of the skin is stimulated by ideally building and regenerating the natural skin barrier.

The sublevactum formula

The biopolymer complex of the patented sublevactum formula is based on a chitosan-mandelate complex.

Chitosan almondate has antimicrobial and lipophilizing properties. It is non-irritating and is often used in wound healing as it supports pathogen-repellent crust formation on the skin.

The sublevactum formula enables a film-forming property on the skin, which is not provided by the individual active ingredients. A pathogen-repellent micro-protective film is formed on the skin, which can take over the function of the stratum corneum as a protective film for at least 24 hours. The protective film is identical to the skin, i.e. it is also breathable, for example, and cannot be felt.

In addition, the biopolymer complex accumulates in the lipid layer of the stratum corneum and densifies it. The protective function of the horny layer is thus forced above average via a natural mechanism.

The biopolymer complex is thus generally supportive in all the above-mentioned clinical pictures.

Regeneration of disease patterns

Due to the aforementioned biomimetic properties regarding the imitation of the horny layer of the skin in case of injuries or extensive irritations, it is particularly suitable for regeneration in the following clinical pictures:

  • Eczema,
  • Extensive erythema,
  • inflammatory irritation,
  • Psoriasis (especially in open areas),
  • Neurodermatitis (especially in open areas),
  • Scrapes,
  • generally more extensive wounds.