All HYPOGEN CARE® Formulations are promicrobiome matched. This means that they do not alter the natural microbiome of human skin. The basis for this is biomimetics.

The teaching of nature

Biomimetics is the study of nature: biomimetic processes and mechanisms of action ideally emulate nature, are a blueprint of nature.

With regard to the skin, the biomimetic focus is on the stratum corneum (the horny layer of the skin) with its cell membrane complex (the acid mantle of the skin) and the microbiome (the natural microbial balance as a protective cover). It is precisely these natural mechanisms that are replicated by HYPOGEN formulations.

Biomimetic effect for sustainable results

The biomimetic mode of action of HYPOGEN CARE® medical care is the basis of its sustainable, on the skin not permanently changing type of effect.

Without these consequences, which change the skin, a significant problem of conventional acute therapies is solved, which, for example, involves the use of cortisone or alcoholic products: these change the balance of the skin, induce a completely different skin appearance, alien to nature. Biomimetic modes of action, however, always lead back to the ideal, natural state of the skin and are therefore ideal for long-term use without side effects.

The effect of HYPOGEN CARE® Formulations

The HYPOGEN CARE® formulations have a pathogen-selective effect - just like the microbiome. By using biomimetic biopolymer complexes modeled on nature, the natural microorganism structure of the skin is not attacked. Pathogens that damage health, however, do.

Due to their promicrobial properties HYPOGEN CARE promote® formulations the conditions for a healthy microbiome: The breeding ground of the natural microbiome is the derma membrane of the skin. Dead skin cells and the skin's protective acid mantle provide nourishment for the microbiome. It is precisely this nutrient medium that HYPOGEN CARE® formulations are not attacked, so as not to stand in the way of the development of the skin with simultaneous protective and regenerative effect.