So what does HYPOGEN CARE® Research so special? The medical cosmetics from HYPOGEN CARE® is currently the only one that counteracts allergies and sensitization on a biomimetic biopolymer complex basis, as well as being extremely simplified and thus allergy-conscious in its structure.

In addition, the range of cosmetic services offered by HYPOGEN CARE also includes® far beyond that of conventional care and cosmetic products: users' expectations in terms of care and appearance are always met, and often exceeded. 

The unique selling points of HYPOGEN CARE® Research

The organ skin is exposed to numerous environmental influences. It protects itself from these with the uppermost skin barrier - a very thin skin layer, also known as the horny layer or stratum corneum. In addition to keratin, a special lipid layer is an essential component of the horny layer, the so-called cell membrane complex. In adult skin, both the keratinization and the density of the lipid layer are such that they basically provide stable environmental protection.

Structure of the skin
Structure of the skin
Structure of the epidermis
Diagram - Structure of the epidermis
Structure of the stratum corneum1
Diagram - Structure of the stratum corneum
Structure of the stratum corneum2
Diagram - Structure of the stratum corneum

This is also true for the hair. Like the skin, the hair is also constantly exposed to environmental influences. Now, one might think that hair, unlike skin, is not a living organ, which is why it needs no protection. From a certain perspective, however, hair is actually not dead matter: the cell membrane complex of the skin actually feeds the cell membrane complex of the hair. This represents the "putty mass" between the keratin fiber strands of the fiber stem, the scale rings of thecuticle, and the fiber stem and cuticle of the hair. A fully built cell membrane complex keeps the hair healthy and strong, protecting it from damage caused by stresses of various kinds.

Medical care thanks to HYPOGEN CARE® Research

However, strong environmental influences, skin irritations, sensitizations and allergies change the structure of the cell membrane complex of skin and hair, attack it and thus make this protective layer penetrable for pathogens.

This is exactly where the medical care of HYPOGEN CARE® an...

The LLS system

The LLS system uses biomimetic Lamellar technology to stabilize the derma membrane structure of the skin and the lamellar structure of the cell membrane complex of the hair.

Lamellar technology is the foundation of the patented LLS system of HYPOGEN Research. It also has a biomimetic effect: the cell membrane complex of skin and hair is replicated in a nature-identical way. How medical cosmetics from HYPOGEN CARE are built® the natural protective layer of the skin and hair and actively regenerates them. As a result, LLS stands as an abbreviation for the "liquid layer structure", in German, the structure of the moisture layer of skin and hair. This corresponds to the cell membrane complex of skin and hair.

The sublevactum formula

 The HYPOGEN CARE® sublevactum formula uses biopolymers as protective, nourishing, and regenerating film formers.

The biopolymer complex of the patented sublevactum formula forms a biomimetic protective film that lasts at least 24 hours. This protects against harmful environmental influences, builds up the skin and hair and, if necessary, stimulates self-healing or self-regeneration processes.

Potentiated effect

With combined use of LLS system and sublevactum formula their individual effects are potentiated.

The combination of protective, restorative and passively and actively regenerating effects of LLS system and sublevactum formula potentiates their individual effects, creates an ideally resistant skin.

Positive long-term effects

All HYPOGEN CARE® products are tested for continuous use. Unlike conventional care and cosmetics, they do not weigh down the skin and hair when used continuously.

In other words, over-care of the skin and hair is impossible even with very frequent use - on the contrary:

Regular use reinforces the positive effects of each HYPOGEN CARE® product, causes positive long-term effects.


The skin is the largest organ of the human being. It lives not only as an organ itself. The skin has its own microbial culture, which is very individually characterized in each person. The microbiome controls the pH of the skin, which can be a contributing factor to skin irritations. The microbiome displaces harmful microbes before the body actually comes into contact with them itself.

The stratum corneum as the protective layer of the skin and the microbiome as its protective shell of microbes complement each other optimally in their natural balance, are in balance.

HYPOGEN CARE® medical cosmetics works promicrobiome: it promotes and regenerates the microbiome, that is, the natural microbial balance of the skin and scalp.

Completely non-irritant & hypoallergenic

HYPOGEN CARE® products are designed to minimize allergy risks for particularly sensitive skin. Therefore, the products are characterized by their special skin compatibility. That is, they do not contain anything that is contrary to sensitive skin care.

Allergenic and undesirable substances are not used. Better put, HYPOGEN CARE® Products contain in particular no preservatives, no fragrances, no dyes, no formaldehyde, no EDTA, no essential oils, no repellents, no PEG emulsifiers, no parabens, no kerosenes, no petroleum-based fats and waxes, no petrolatum, no halogen-organic compounds such as propellants, no silicones, no sulfates, no microplastics, no harmful alcohols, no oxidants, no hard quats, no soaps, no aldehydes, no synthetic fats, no substances generally hazardous to water and no genetic engineering.

HYPOGEN CARE® is free from unnecessary ingredients. In other words, each ingredient is an active ingredient. Our products are 100% organic and biodegradable, food safe and mucous membrane compatible.

Highest quality - Made in Germany

HYPOGEN CARE® products are innovative German quality products. The development and production takes place in Germany.

The claim of manufacturing according to the highest quality standards has many aspects. Among other things, this includes cooperation with reliable partners and the processing of the highest quality raw materials.

Already during the development of HYPOGEN CARE® well-known development partners were on hand: HYPOGEN CARE® is in alliance with the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT developed.

All HYPOGEN CARE® products are dermatologically tested - and for all skin types, with a focus on skin and on sensitive or even allergic skin. Independent private and public institutes have confirmed the special hypoallergenic properties, the special compatibility and the effectiveness of HYPOGEN CARE® products have been dermatologically tested and confirmed several times. This was done, among others, in cooperation with the Clinic for Dermatology and Allergology / Dermatological Clinic of the University Hospital of RWTH Aachen University.

During production, only raw materials of the highest quality are processed, which are sourced in defined supply chains from reputable manufacturers.

Comprehensive quality controls and tests ensure the high quality of HYPOGEN CARE® products, accompany incoming goods (quality, purity and condition of raw materials) and production. All this is subject to high quality management and assurance:
HYPOGEN CARE® is manufactured in production facilities certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, DIN EN ISO 22716:2007 and all CE classes on state-of-the-art production equipment. HYPOGEN CARE® Products are produced in compliance with the current standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP cosmetics).

All raw materials used are of the highest quality, are supplied by trustworthy partners and come from reliable sources.

Environmental protection & sustainability

Environmental protection and sustainability are essential goals of HYPOGEN CARE® Production: It has the claim to set forward-looking innovation impulses for sustainable and at the same time highly efficient solutions.

This is the approach taken by HYPOGEN CARE® as early as the product development stage. The selection of ingredients and the creation of formulations, the design of packaging and production are optimized to meet these high standards without exception. Key objectives here are a neutral "carbon footprint" and a reduction in the "water footprint". HYPOGEN CARE® achieves these goals, which is internationally recognized. For example, all products carry the "Compact by Design" and "Climate Pledge Friendly" certificates.

Ingredients & Recipes

HYPOGEN CARE® products do not require any petroleum-based raw materials at all. This is also an advantage for the environment, as all the ecological problems associated with petroleum extraction and processing are avoided.

HYPOGEN CARE® products are also otherwise free of ecologically harmful substances such as parabens, kerosenes, silicones and microplastics. HYPOGEN CARE® is 100% organic and biodegradable.

While CO2 neutrality is now a recognized goal of economic activity, the lowest possible water consumption unfortunately is not yet. However, in view of the fact that drinking water resources will be increasingly reduced in the foreseeable future, it must be. Here, too, HYPOGEN CARE® ahead of its time.
Water ("aqua") is an essential ingredient in almost all body care and cosmetic products. This makes them easier to apply, and water-soluble ingredients can be delivered to the skin more easily. Above all, however, water is a beneficial ingredient, often accounting for 75-80% of the total content in classic formulations. In most cases, it can be significantly reduced without sacrificing product efficacy and performance.
HYPOGEN CARE® formulations create precisely this balance: with HYPOGEN CARE® products, the water content is only a fraction of that of conventional body care or cosmetics. With HYPOGEN CARE® Washing Lotion and LLS Care Cream , for example, the water content is around 65 % to 75 % lower.
HYPOGEN CARE® Formulations are consequently considerably more concentrated than those of conventional products. Cosmetic care with HYPOGEN CARE® thus gets by with comparatively less product. This is easy on the user's wallet. But it also reduces the user's carbon footprint (less transport, less packaging waste) and water footprint (lowest possible water consumption) - in other words, it protects the environment.


The use of packaging material is reduced as much as possible - some examples: The containers are almost completely filled, so that as little empty space as possible takes away transport efficiency. HYPOGEN CARE® Packaging is optimally designed in terms of its material thicknesses.

In the sense of a sustainable, closed-loop economy, HYPOGEN CARE consists of® Packaging made from 100% recyclate, i.e. recycled old plastic. Modern sorting technology guarantees very pure recyclates and delivers the highest quality packaging in a way that conserves resources and protects the environment. The packaging itself is 100% recyclable. There is currently no sustainable alternative to the use of plastic packaging. Bioplastics - whether biobased (from organic cultivation) or biodegradable - do not yet provide sufficient packaging quality, while at the same time there are still unsolved sustainability problems such as monocultures in the cultivation of the source plants or residual microplastics.
In order to ensure that HYPOGEN CARE® packaging to ensure that its recycling is as resource-efficient as possible, containers and closures are made of the same material wherever possible. The packaging also has easily removable labels and sustainable printing inks.

HYPOGEN CARE containers and closures® Products are incidentally designed so that the contents can be used up as fully as possible. Bottles that are almost empty can be turned upside down so that the last contents collect directly at the cap for convenient use and can be easily removed.


HYPOGEN CARE® products are ecologically compatible and produced in a way that conserves resources. In the extraction of MCT oil in particular, care is taken to use natural resources in a controlled manner and not to damage ecosystems. In this respect, for HYPOGEN CARE® Organic MCT oil used, which is obtained from palm and coconut oil under ecological, sustainable aspects.

The HYPOGEN CARE® production operates in a resource-saving manner and covers its electricity needs with 100% green electricity. HYPOGEN CARE®  pays attention to the lowest possible power consumption throughout. For example, special continuous production processes allow energy savings of up to 80% compared to conventional production processes.

Free from animal testing

HYPOGEN CARE® meets the strict PETA requirements, is free of animal testing thereafter and is approved by the PETA listed accordingly. This certified animal-free means:

HYPOGEN CARE® is completely animal-free:

In research and development, in manufacturing and in performance testing, HYPOGEN CARE® on animal testing throughout.

The products do not contain any ingredients that are subject to animal testing under the REACH chemicals regulation.