HYPOGEN CARE® has a promicrobiome effect

HYPOGEN CARE® stands out in medical cosmetics. Because HYPOGEN CARE® products have a promicrobiome effect: they promote and regenerate the microbiome, i.e. the natural microbial balance of the skin and scalp. But what does that mean exactly?

Promicrobiomal properties of HYPOGEN CARE®

This means that the HYPOGEN CARE® Biopolymer complex, performs selective functions on the skin. The natural microbes of the skin - preferably those of the micrococcus genus - are actually inhibited by the antipathogenic property of HYPOGEN CARE medical care.® not attacked. HYPOGEN CARE® Products thus have a selective promicrobiome mechanism by which only harmful microbes are repelled, but the microbiome of the skin is preserved.

Close up shot HYPOGEN Skin Care

How do the HYPOGEN CARE® Functional mechanisms?

In the case of environmental irritations that destabilize the microbiome of a person's skin, HYPOGEN CARE replace® functional mechanisms have a lasting effect on the skin's protective microbiome function. For example, when using Facial Cleanser on an alcoholic basis or when using sulphate-based shampoos and shower gels: The accompanying or post-regenerative application of HYPOGEN CARE® with regular use, the skin is regenerated step by step and the normal balance of the skin with its microbiome is restored.

The basis is biomimetics

All HYPOGEN CARE® formulations are promicrobiome-tuned. This means that they do not alter the natural microbiome of human skin. The basis for this is the biomimetics.