Medium length hair is defined as a length of hair that does not yet rest on the shoulder.

Medium-length hairstyles are mostly layered, which means that almost all hair layers are in direct contact with the environment. Therefore, medium-length hair usually lightens in the sun throughout and not only - as with long hair - in the upper hair. Consequently, medium-length hairstyles will always require care over time.


Wash medium-length hair with HYPOGEN CARE® Cleansing Shampoo. If there is no foam above the fingers when shampooing, wash the hair one more time to ensure sufficient cleansing.

Then spray the hair with HYPOGEN CARE® Keratin Instant Care as a setting agent and blow-dry completely with a brush. The spring keratin now supports the hair structure with its excellent, film-forming properties and makes the hair significantly more malleable, shinier, healthier and also more resistant to environmental influences to prevent hair damage.

For styling, it is recommended to use HYPOGEN CARE® Styling Gel.

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